Almond oil for skin benefits

Almond oil benefits for skin include moisturizing agent, emollient, increase skin glow, effective against psoriasis and eczema and good anti aging properties

Almond oil is quite popular nowadays due to its numerous health benefits, but the major contribution of almond oil is for the skin.Almond oil is extracted from sweet almond kernels after being dried. This retains all the goodness and essence of original almonds. US is probably the worlds largest producer of almonds with Colorado being the maximum producing state. Besides US many other countries are also lined up in producing good amounts of almonds, India being one.The oil has been beneficial for many centuries and countries across the world and continues to be used widely in the most traditional type of drugs. It is still popular among the Arabic medicine, Yunani and more usually with Ayurveda.Also almond oil is popular in Greco – Persian system of medicine. With a wide range of internal and external uses almond oil provides a lot of therapeutic uses for natural skin care and it is considered as a prominent essential oil. This is probably due to varied benefits it has for skin and cosmetic beauty care. Due to its nourishing properties, it is a valuable component to allow for natural skin care.

Characteristics of Almond Oil for Skin

Almond oil is yellow in color resembling olive oil and with  an incredibly odd characteristic odor. This color and texture of almond oil allows it to be highly suitable for skin lightening and glow.It also imparts smoothness and softness to the skin as it is get absorbed quickly and aids to repair the dry and flaky skin which tends to break apart. The oil is very beneficial in skin allergies and is an excellent oil to excess moisture loss in the skin and keeps it supple and hydrated.In addition this it is an effective  inflammatory agent to the skin intended for the treatment of skin allergies. It can smoothen the skin, at some sensitive body parts such as  elbows, knees and especially helpful for the skin damaged by high heel sandals. Chapped pores and  in addition to minor wound infections can  treated with almonds oil .

Benefits for Skin Care

This is a heavy oil which can make as an excellent emollient which may be directly used for soothing and relaxing the skin.  This is the reason as to why it may be a popular health spa oil, as it is not too oily or strongly scented. It is widely used for skin lightening and is useful as a general use to clear your dead skin layer, in addition to adding softness. It does not alter pH of the skin, and especially aids to restore stability and  moisture protection in the skin.

Busy lifestyles, inconsistent eating habits, inadequate sleep and always strenous work in front of computer monitor may cause skin damage over a long period.This may be  primarily through the computer screen display, resulting in  worn out looking eyes. The skin under the eyes is extremely delicate, and usually an initial moisture loss and strain causes dark circles around the eyes.Using almond oil daily under the eyes in the parts around the eyes by scheduling every night, a light massage will increase the skin quality and glow under the eyes. Massage can help increase blood flow, and nourish your skin layer This inturn make the eyes appear more round than hydrated and feeling moisturized. Just mix a little honey Badam or Almond oil and apply around the eyes at the dark circled area which will definately bring good results for a healthy eyes.

Using this vitamin E enriched  almond oil on the  face and the skin will be helpful in  delaying the signs of aging and wrinkling by reducing the age lines around the skin. Giving it a more healthy and supple look. Almond oil also has antimicrobial properties , which prevents acne, and various other chronic wounds or skin infections. It is also helpful to reduce problems with facial scars by dilating the dead skin over the scars and also by lightening the dark spots. The emollient properties of almond oil will tighten your skin layer. Dermatology specialists or cosmetic experts usually suggest some  itch cream or lotion, for scaly skin or flaky scalp issues but such a prescribed medication can be costly. However, one natural cure is of  course Almond oil as it had been used for treating such skin problems in olden  days of ancient China and India, and also in  traditional medicine, of Greek, Persian and other school. Its  has also been a recommended  medicine for skin problems  such as psoriasis and eczema, and dry skin. Used to treat this condition. Modern science seems to have seen the benefits itself in dermatological studies.

According to well known dermatologist , Dr. Mervyn Patterson, “Fatty acids in  almond oil such as stearic acid  and oleic acid derived from plant compounds, helps in reducing inflammation or infection in the skin and adds to the glow of the skin . Almonds also  help restore damage to the skin.

Caution Using Almond Oil

Out of the two types of almond oils Sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil the sweet one is safe for the skin though, bitter almond oil extracted from bitter almonds is hazardous both internally and externally. Bitter almond oil is known to cause skin irritation and rashes besides being very poisonous when consumed due to the presence of Hydrogen cyanide.

As almond are some of the healthiest nuts you can eat, and when it comes to body care they can just fit into their concrete type.
Almond oil is probably one of the best oils out of the several vegetable oils which can be equivalent to a great start for aromatherapy massage oil or aromatic essential oils because it is useful as other oils besides being not too much fatty, and an excellent  moisturizer for extra emollient and awesome skin.It is a very good  absorbent for the skin and contains magnesium, calcium abundance of  vitamin E and vitamin B nutrients. Also you might be delighted to know that almond oil structure helps to keep your pores of the skin healthy including your hair. This unique feature makes it a very good baby oil  as it seldom contains any toxic mineral. It is also very beneficial for all the skin types including dry skins.

Some Interesting Facts about Almond oil for Skin.

Almond oil nourishes your skin layer, making it smooth and soft since it’s a well known emollient
Helps Moisturize more deeply and retaining the moisture content of the skin
Contains excellent anti aging properties
Improves skin texture and helps your skin retain as well as restore its glow
Soothes pores and skin irritation in addition to reducing  inflammation
Relieves dry and itchy pores on the skin
Lighten darkish circles around and beneath the eyes
Mends chapped mouth and physique rashes
Relieves irritations, ache and acne scars.

Remember as almond Oil is a  good source of Vitamin E it is a natural agent to provide nutritional benefits for  anti-aging and providing additional skin protection from sunburn. So in short you  have a natural Oil that’s perfect for your skin and much cheaper than lots of the cosmetics brand out there in the market for which you rely on for anti-aging in addition to skin protection. In case you are allergic then  almond oil is not safe.

Almond Oil for Cleansing and Nourishing  the skin

All nut  oils and vegetable oils can be used for cleansing and nourishing the skin. In the ancient times or even today in Arabian countries almond oil is used effectively for cleansing the ancient Romans used almond oil to massage the skin and later it was scraped off with the dirt. Healy oils such as Avocado or Wheat germ oil was used for Dry skin and light oils such as almond oil or sunflower oil was used for oily skin.

Almond Oil Recipes for Skin

Homemade Natural Soap for Skin Glow


Natural fragrance bar of soap(free of color)
Lavnder Essential oil
Almond oil
Vitamin E oil
Food coloring


Completely grind the soap in a blender and keep besides a pot of water which is boiled  and put a glass bowl to cover the pot. Add some measured quantity (10 ml) of almond oil in the bowl and then add the natural soap in the bowl. Remove the water from the pot then add it into the earlier bowl until the soap transforms into a paste. Add oils, vitamin E oil and color as desired. After  cooling  add this paste into the molds of your choice. You homemade soap is ready

Rich Cleansing Cream (Dehydrated Skin)

This is good for dehydrated skins.


Beeswax(1/2 oz)
Lanolin Hyd(1 oz)
Almond Oil(2 oz)
Avocado Oil(1 oz)
Grapeseed Oil( 1 oz)
Lemon ( 2 drops)
Clary Sage (2 drops)
Pure Spring Water   ( 3 drops)


Uing the bain Marie method , melt the beeswax lanolin and the almond oil and stir well. Then add the essential oil and take the pot of the heat and slowly add water. Mix in a blender until the mixture is cold. The rich skin cleansing cream is ready.

Almond Face Rinse

This is applicable to all skin types

Ground Almonds (3 oz)
Cornflour (3 oz)
Grated Natural Soap (3 oz)

Mix these ingredients in a blender and then add the following essential oils and blend again.

Lemon (2 drops)
Hyssop (1 drops)
Geranium (2 drops)

Store dry and mix with small amount of water in your hand to use as an effective face wash.
This Article is written by Vipin Ramakrishnan


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