When it comes to good health the most important factor is your immunity and metabolism.To boost your immunity and metabolism naturally here is a

LOW CARB and ZERO CALORIE cleansing Drink.

This is so good that I am sure you will put down all your diet sodas,martinis and crystal light for ever . Cinnamon is a very popular weight loss herb and Apple as you know always keeps the doctor away.So we can have a very powerful combination of both these foods to spice up your health and body shape.

And what are the benefits ?You will not only loose weight,you will have LOADS OF ENERGY! Moreover is also tastes yummy!


The Recipe for Apple Cinnamon Water

Take one big pitcher,fill the pitcher completely with water 3-4 times and add the thinly sliced apples and cinnamon.

1 Apple (maybe Fuji but whatever your favorite is)
1 Cinnamon Stick

Now add the apple slices to the bottom part of the pitcher.After this cover the water with ice cubes when the level is about 1/2 way with water.Add the cinnamon and fill the rest of the pitcher with water