almond oil benefits

sweet almond oil benefits

Some of the many health benefits of Sweet Almond Oil have been discussed below. Please have a look;

  • It has excellent emollient properties, i.e. it helps soothing, softening & moisturizing dried & inflammatory skin, parched lips etc., due to presence of high amounts of Vitamin-E and various fatty acids (Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid etc.) in it. It also improves skin complexion and adds glamour to it.
  • As carrier oil, as it is readily absorbed in the skin.
  • Almond Oil can effectively reduce hair fall and make it strong & thick due to presence of Vitamin-E and various antioxidants (flavonoids) in it.
  • It increases concentration of High Density Lipoproteins or “Good Cholesterols” in blood and effectively lowers concentration of Low Density Lipoproteins or “Bad Cholesterols”, thereby effectively reducing chances of cardiac problems, blockage of arteries, hypertension etc.
  • Almond Oil functions as a mild laxative for relieving constipation.
  • It is a good source of risk free energy.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamins & minerals.
  • Health benefits of almond oil include prevention of untimely ageing due to presence of strong antioxidants (flavonoids or polyphenols) in it.
  • It is a well known remedy for enhancing memory and nourishing brain due to presence of those antioxidants & vitamin-E. It is good for proper functioning of nervous system too.
  • It is particularly good for keeping your eyes, skin, hair & heart young.
  • Regular use of almond oil can also protect you from certain types of cancer like colon cancer, prostrate cancer etc.
  • External application of Almond Oil can lighten dark circles & dark spots.
  • Almond Oil soothes fire burns, sun burns, itches, sores, rashes, bruises and irritations on skin.
  • It is also believed to give relief from muscle pain, when applied externally.
  • Since time immemorial, almond oil, with milk, is prescribed for gaining weight. It helps you gain weight, but safely. In lean & thin people, almond oil can improve rate of metabolism, speeding up absorption of food nutrients into our body. This helps build muscle mass. The oils in almonds are good source of good fats and they help gain weight too. But at the same time, it can do just the opposite for obese people. How? See below!
  • This may sound strange & very contrary to the statement made just above, but almonds help lose weight faster when compared to diets comprising of other complex carbohydrates. This is because almonds are high in fiber and they help improve our rate of metabolism. Faster the metabolism, faster we lose weight because faster the fats are burnt.
  • Some researches show that almond oil is effective in giving protection against gall bladder stones.