Benefits of Calamus Oil

The health benefits of Calamus Essential Oil might be attributed to it’s wonderful properties like  anti rheumatic, anti spasmodic, anti biotic etc.It is also a well known memory boosting and nervine stimulant.

This ancient herb was known to Romans and the it finds significant mention in the Indian system of medicines, called Ayurveda. This is a plant that grows in watery and marshy places. This can be a native to European countries and Asia countries as well. Botanically, Calamus known as Acorus Calamus. The essential oil is derived from fresh or dried roots of calamus through steam distillation. The major components of this essential oil are  acorenone, alpha aselinene,alpha calacorene, beta gurjunene, beta asarone, calamusenone,calamendiol,  camphone, shyobunone and iso shyobunine.

Although harmful, the oil of Calamus provides many medicinal properties which can be enlisted below.

Anti Arthritic: 

This oil is particularly stimulating for the nerves and improves the blood circulation. This especially helps to improve circulation at the affected area and provides relief from the pain and swelling when suffering from rheumatism, arthritis or gout.

Anti Spasmodic:

The essential Oil of Calamus may be known for its anti spasmodic properties as well. It relaxes all sorts of spasm, but is particularly is effective on nervous spasm. Thus, in cases of neurological afflictions and disorders, this oil can be administered, in very mild doses

Anti Biotic:

Due to its toxic nature, the Calamus essential oil does not let any microbial growth and acts as being an anti biotic. This property is helpful in fighting infections, both internal and externally.

Brain Tonic :

This oil has a refreshing impact on brain (when taken inside very mild dosage, otherwise may have hazardous effect the brain in high doses). It activates our brain and is particularly effective in curing neurotic disorders. This oil known to stimulate and promote positive thoughts.

Blood Circulation:

As being a stimulant, this oil increases the blood circulation and helps nutrients and oxygen to reach every corner of the body. This also improves our  metabolic rate.

Memory Boosting: 

The essential Oil of Calamus is good for our grey cells as it has memory boosting properties. This can always be administered to those who’re undergoing or have undergone memory loss caused due to ageing, trauma or any other reason. It also assists to repair cell damage caused in the brain tissues and neurons.


A low dose of this wonder oil stimulates sleep and work and acts as a tranquilizer. This is of great assistance to those who are afflicted by insomnia. This acts as a stress reliever and helps in taking good rest.

Different Benefits:

It  may be used to treat neuralgia, which is caused because of the pressure exerted around the Ninth Cranial Nerve by the surrounding blood vessels, triggering off severe pain and bloating. Calamus Oil makes the leading to vessel to contract and reduce pressure near the cranial nerve. Moreover due to it’s numbing and tranquilizing impact on the nerves and the brain, it decreases feeling of any pain. This oil can be used for treatment of headache etc.

Few Terms of Caution:

The essential Oil of Calamus boasts a compound called asorone, that is toxic and regarded carcinogenic.As it has narcotic effects and can cause convulsions and hallucinations if consumed in higher doses. Studies show that its oral ingestion may cause convulsions and tumours in the future.So, we should prevent any  oral ingestion and should be taken under the guidence of a physcician.

Blending together:

Calamus Essential Acrylic blends well having essential oils connected with cedar wood, cinnamon, clary sage, labdanum, lavender, marjoram, olibanum, oregano, patchouli rosemary, green tea tree and ylang-ylang