Benefits of Carrots.

Carrot or Daucus Carota is a kind of vegetable that is known as one of the best organic foods available, owing to its high nutrition and sweet taste. This vegetable is most popular and available all round the year in organic food company stores. There are some 100 species of carrots that ranges in size from two inches to three feet and in colours like orange, yellow, white, purple and red.

Health benefits offered by Carrots

Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fibre, biotin, thiamine, potassium, beta carotene and antioxidant agents. It also contains important components of cell and body fluids like niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin E, Vitamin G, copper, phosphorous, calcium, protein and iron. The organic food health benefits offered by carrots are discussed below.

Carrots help in preventing cancer

A natural pesticide called Falcarinol is found in carrots that help in protecting the roots from fungal diseases. This component is considered to be responsible for lowering the risk of developing lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Carrots contain beta-carotene that also helps in preventing various kinds of cancer, especially lung cancer.

Carrots help in preventing heart disease

Since carrots are high in carotenoids, they are helpful in reducing the cholesterol level and lowering the risk of heart disease. It also reduces the risk of stroke. Its soluble fibre binds with the bile acids and removes it, leading to the production of more bile acids and resulting in low blood cholesterol levels.

Carrots help in nourishing your skin

Carrots contain Vitamin A and other nutrients that nourish the skin efficiently and prevent dry skin and blemishes. The strong cleansing properties of carrots are useful in detoxifying the liver. This is effective in treating acnes that are developed by toxins from the blood. It is also beneficial in treating irregular skin tones that are caused as a result of pigmentation. The organic essential oils of this vegetable are good for dry skin as it makes the skin smoother, softer and firmer.

Carrots improve your dental health

The intake of carrot is considered to be a good way to prevent gum disease and tooth damage. It contains minerals that kill germs in the mouth and keep it clean, even after meals. Since it acts as natural abrasives, it stimulates gums and helps in eliminating sticky dirt from the teeth. It also triggers lots of saliva that helps to scrub away stains on teeth.

Carrots help in improving the digestive system

The fibre content of carrots act as roughage and helps in better working of the bowels. It slows the bacteria’s growth in the stomach and smoothes the channel in the intestine. A good amount of soluble fibre calcium is also contained by it that helps in drawing out cholesterol from the blood stream.

Carrots help in improving vision

Carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene, a substance that changes to Vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of the retina of the eye and improving eyesight. Moreover, beta-carotene prevents the development of senile cataracts and provides protection against macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is an eye disease that impairs the macula and usually occurs in elderly people.

Carrots prevent ageing

The high amount of beta-carotene in carrots serve as an antioxidant. It delays the ageing of the cells and other adverse effects that are associated with ageing by helping the body fight against cell damage that are caused by dirt, chemicals or food.

Carrots help in treating diabetes

Carrots contain carotenoids that help in regulating blood sugar. It is beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels as insulin resistance is inversely affected by it.

Carrots are useful in controlling high blood pressure

The presence of potassium in carrots helps in stabilizing the amount of sodium in the body. On the other hand, the fibre in carrots aids in passing that sodium out of the body. In this manner, carrots assist in controlling high blood pressure.

Other health benefits offered by Carrots

Carrots are capable of enhancing the breast milk’s quality and help in increasing the menstrual flow. It can enhance the appearance of your hair, skin and nails and can even promote colon health. It is helpful in treating obesity, insomnia, colitis, Alzheimer’s disease, painful urination, poisoning of the blood, inflamed kidneys and ulcers. Carrots also help in the proper functioning of the gallbladder, adrenal glands and the liver. It is useful for treating sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. The intake of carrot juice everyday prevents bodily infections, improves gastrointestinal and stomach health and reduces headache by sending blood to the brain. Besides, it is a rich source of vitamins, mainly the B-complex group and serves as co-factors to enzymes.


This amazing vegetable offers several organic food health benefits. It can be easily added to your diet as it can be consumed in both raw and cooked manner. Besides nutrition, it has antiseptic qualities and can be used as vermicide, laxative and as remedy for liver conditions. The list of its health benefits is endless, so go ahead and enjoy a long and healthy life with the intake of one of the best organic foods – carrots.