Best Organic Foods to Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart disease is the new scourge of the 21st century, which continues to take its toll in the developed world. According to recent statistics,cardiovascular diseases claim the lives of more than 900,000 people in the US each year. Decades of improper diets consisting largely of hydrogenated fats, processed junk foods and refined carbohydrates are some of the major causes of obesity and heart diseases today. This affliction can be averted however by consuming an organic diet that is low in fats and high in essential nutrients and vitamins. Let’s take a look at some of the best organic health foods, which can prevent the onset of heart diseases.

Organic zucchini

According to a recent study, consuming organic vegetables such as zucchini can significantly lower the risk of heart diseases. The study revealed that a cup of organic zucchini contains approximately 10% of the RDA of magnesium. The presence of this rare mineral is what makes zucchini such an effective vanguard against heart diseases and strokes. Zucchini is also a rich source of folate, a vitamin which reduces the levels of a harmful amino acid known as homoscystein. The high content of a dietary fiber in zucchini makes it an effective solution for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. The dietary fibers present in zucchini attach themselves to the bile acid. This compels the liver to produce more bile acid and significantly reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body.

Organic cherries

High levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol or LDL in the blood has been found to be the root cause of most heart diseases and strokes. These afflictions are brought on when the LDL particles begin to corrode the walls of the arteries. The build up of plaque in the artery walls creates more pressure on the heart to pump oxygenated blood and eventually triggers on a cardiac arrest or stroke. Organic cherries have a high content of anthocyanins, which repair the blood vessel walls in the body and keep the heart healthy by preventing the build up of plaque.

Organic Oranges 

Oranges are one of the healthiest organic fruits that increase the hearts resilience against cardiovascular diseases. Oranges are especially useful for people who consume foods that are high in polysaturated fats. A diet consisting of these fats typically increase the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, which in turn causes arteriosclerosis. Due to its high content of Vitamin C, organically grown oranges are an effective and natural treatment against arteriosclerosis. Since, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant; it helps in the regeneration and repair of damaged blood vessels in the body and keeps the heart healthy. Also due to its high content of dietary fibers, oranges have been found to lower cholesterol levels significantly. Additionally, the peel of the fruit contains an alkaloid called synephrine, which has also been found to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Organic Achai Berries

Achai berries have been recommended to people who follow poor diets and lack of exercise as these organic fruits have a high content of anthocyanins, a chemical that has been found to be an effective prevention and cure for heart diseases. Anthocyanins prevent the build up of plaque in the blood vessels and improve the circulation of blood to the various chambers of the heart. Consuming an organic diet that includes Achai berries is thus an effective way to prevent heart diseases and strokes.

Organic Pineapples

Coronary Thrombosis is a fatal heart affliction which is caused by the development of blood clots in one or more blood vessels. The growth of blood clots in the vessels impedes the flow of blood to the heart and ultimately leads to a massive heart attack. Fortunately, organic pineapples have been found to prevent the development of blood clots by improving the circulation of blood in the arteries. Organic pineapples are specifically beneficial for frequent flyers who are prone to blood clots while traveling.

Organic Cereals 

Organic healthy foods such as cereals are a rich source of Vitamin E, which in turn improves the circulation of blood and prevents heart diseases. The high fiber content present in organic whole-wheat grains reverses the damaging effects of LDL oxidation, thus preventing blockages and clots in the arteries.

Effective Ayurvedic tips to prevent heart diseases

Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal science that originated in the Indian subcontinent has advocated some very efficacious methods to prevent heart diseases. According to this natural herb based science, cholesterol plays a vital role in lubricating and supporting the numerous circulatory channels in the body. It is only when metabolic waste particles known as ama and amavisha are allowed to accumulate that the circulatory channels in the body are blocked, leading to a host of cardiovascular diseases. Here are some compelling Ayurvedic tips to keep your heart safe and healthy.

A Healthy Diet 

Ayurveda is a strong proponent of consuming a healthy and well balanced diet. In order to do so, you should negate meat completely and instead incorporate fresh organic fruits and vegetables into your meals. The Amla fruit has a high content of antioxidants that nourish the tissues of the heart and prevent arterial damage by eliminating the free radicals in the body.

Improve circulation 

Poor blood circulation has been attributed to the build up of harmful plaque in the walls of the arteries. If left unchecked, this can lead to hardening, inflammation and ultimately death. In order to improve circulation in the body, Ayurveda has recommended the consumption of the organic herb known as Arjuna. This miraculous herb has been used effectively to reduce arterial congestion, lower blood pressure and strengthen the cardiac muscles in the heart.

Relax & De-Stress

When the heart is overstressed due to panic and anxiety, a high pressure syndrome is created on the valves of the heart to pump blood, eventually leading to coronary thrombosis. Hence, keeping your mind and body relaxed is one of the foremost principles recommended by Ayurveda for the attainment of sound heart health. A wonder herb known as Ashwagandha is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to effectively relieve tension and stress in the heart region.

Yoga Exercises

In order to boost the supply of oxygen to the heart, Ayurveda has recommended several yoga exercises such as thepowerful ‘Sun Salutation’ and daily breathing exercises known as Pranayama. When practiced religiously these exercises have been proven to ensure sound cardiovascular health.

Heart diseases are on the upswing these days mainly due to the consumption of highly processed and adulterated food products. Hence, adequate exercise coupled with an Ayurvedic diet that includes organic fruits and vegetables would culminate in the creation of a healthy disease free heart and increase your lifespan by a few good many years.