15 Amazing coconut oil for skin Recipes

9. How to Use Coconut Oil for Shaving

Shaving with Coconut Oil

Shaving with Coconut Oil

To shave legs with coconut oil, keep a small container of it the shower. In the shower, use a damp washcloth to remove most of the water from your legs. Coat them with a thin layer of coconut oil (this works best when you can prop your legs out of the shower spray). I use about 1 tsp. per leg – a little does go a long way. And I haven’t had any issues with a clogged shower from the oil. Shave away, and don’t forget to rinse the razor often because the coconut oil can clog the blades.

Once out of the shower, pat your legs dry. The coconut oil residue should leave your legs soft and moisturized, but you can massage on more coconut oil as a moisturizer, if you want. It makes your legs super glowy!

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