What’s in your Bread?

Most of today’s mass produced foods are seriously depleted of nutrients and are highly      chemicalised with additives. Processed foods(see also Organic foods) today are not just more  sophisticated versions of the foods consumed by our ancestors. A wide spectrum of essential  nutrients has been removed from them in the manufacturing process. The basic molecular    structure of what remains is also degraded and

nutritionally inferior. One such food is bread. 10 Things wrong with

Modern Industrial Bread

1. Too many additives

2. Too much Salt

3. Hidden Trans Fat( see hazards of Trans fats)

4. Overuse of Yeast

5. Genetically modified Enzymes

6. Toxic Flour

7. Pesticide Residues

8. Heavy Metals

9. Nutrient Depleted.

Our advice is to make your own healthy home made bread with all organic ingredients to safely avoid the above mentioned toxins to get into your system.This humble bread though very general is proven to be the most contaminated by toxins than any other consumable foods that we can require for daily consumption.