Go for Organic Potatoes

vegetable potato

The reason that I chose to highlight this article is the recent developments in the groceries market in regards to one humble vegetable potato. Yes this staple food for the poor and the rich which has saved mankind many times from the point of starvation is in headlines again.  Recent studies and research show that Monsanto’s roundup herbicide(glyphosate) which is widely used on Genetically modified (GM)  potato crops is responsible for causing birth defects, endocrine disruption, DNA damage, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and cancer causing agents(see also Foods to prevent cancer)  in them.

These tests where conducted on frogs and the Toxicology reports showed malformations in there embryos when they where injected with Roundup herbicide at much lesser levels than what is normally sprayed on agricultural crops. As these GM crops are genetically modified to absorb Roundup rather than retaliating it so this high levels of absorption causes this pesticide to go into the human food cycle.

Another alarming study by the Argentine government’s also found high rate of birth defect in humans who habitat near GM crops that were regularly sprayed with Roundup, showing a clear link between chemical and human reproductive defects.

GMO foods

There are numerous independent studies mounting up against Roudup and the governments of many nations including the EU is ignoring these largely growing facts. So this simple potato has not been spared by the GMO and pesticides monster. As discussed in my other articles we should all together say No to GMO foods and when it comes to pesticides their presence in our body  can be minimised by switching completely  to organic food. This will be helpful in lowering our  pesticide consumption by nearly 80% and by systematically avoiding the 10 most contaminated fruits and vegetables suggested by conventional research we can keep a check on our good health and Longevity.

So don’t shun the simple and humble potatoes altogether. Go for organic potatoes.