Health hazards of Trans-Fats.

Ever wondered why cookies and pizzas taste yummier, and the trans fats that these foods have which are titillating for your taste buds are the same on your health? The answer is ”No” these fats were suggested as healthy alternative compared to saturated fats but a darker side of theirs suggest a major health risk to your heart. Just like all other processed foods they tantalize your taste buds, but then clog your arteries after digestion turning into a form of sludge that is hardly degradable.

As it goes with saturated fats, trans fats also raise the LDL “bad” cholesterol and potentially increase the risk of heart disease. Also ironically it adds up to more destruction by lowering HDL “good” cholesterol and eventually causes more damage than saturated fats, this is reported by American Heart Association (AHA).

Some foods like cookies, crackers, muffins, cakes, pizza dough,  pie crusts, and breads such as hamburger buns, pancake mixes,  some vegetable shortening pre-mixed cake mixes, and chocolate drink mixes, French fries,  fried foods,  donuts, chicken nuggets, and hard taco shells snack foods, including chips, candy, and packaged or microwave popcorn frozen dinners contain Trans-fat.

Trans fat is polyunsaturated vegetable fat

Trans fat is polyunsaturated vegetable fat that has been changed chemically by a process known as hydrogenation; a harsh chemical process that converts vegetable oils into solid or semisolid fats at room temperature. Hydrogenated fats are less likely to spoil and have a longer shelf life – properties that are advantageous in processed food production. Back in the ‘80s food companies started promoting Trans fats as a “healthier” alternative to saturated fats.

human body doesn’t know what to do with these fake fat

Scientists have found that the human body doesn’t know what to do with these fake fat and ends up just storing them, leading to potential problems in the future Trans-fat is found in The UN Food & Agriculture Organization calls for hydrogenated fats to be completely removed from our diet. The US Food & Drug Administration says that no level of Trans fat is acceptable. For every 2% increase of calories from trans-fat, the risk of heart disease increases by 36%. Many countries all over the globe have already banned Trans fats. Yet food processing companies that own patents on this process, to avoid losing billions of dollars, mislead the customers with puzzling labels and tricky lingos calling trans fats as vegetable shortening or hardened fats or simply vegetable fat!

So next time even if you’re being a conscientious shopper, it’s easy to ingest a significant amount of trans fats without your knowledge. Maybe a bowl of “trans-fat-free” cereal (that actually contains half a gram) and a piece of birthday cake at the office with some microwaved popcorn in the evening will add up to your stockpile of this deadly fat and pave way for hordes of diseases in future. The choice is yours!