Health benefits of Organic Bananas

Have you wondered when you take a usual banana in your hand and eat it, the ease with which sits in your hand and its perfect symmetry it makes is so very uncommon. Yes this fruit is man’s best edible delicacy with its perfect shape and naturally wrapped peel which makes it the perfect fruit for human beings to consume. Organic Banana desserts are made into syrups, banana toast, dried bananas, baked bananas etc., are the various forms in which this valuable fruit( see also other Organic Fruits) is used for eating. Besides this wonderful aspect of banana there are many health benefits that we can derive.

Here are some nutritional(see also Essential nutrients) facts about Bananas.

1) An over-ripe fruit contained only 2.8 p.c. of crystallisable and 11.84 p.c. of uncrystallisable sugar,being a total of 11.64 p.c. or 23      of the original quantity.

2)  Besides sugar it contains starch are known for being great source of carbohydrates also it contains  albuminoids ,and  Fats up to 1%.

3) There are large quantities of vitamins C and a certain amount of vitamins B in it. Banana is also known to be rich in vitamins is capable of preventing and curing diseases due to vitamin A deficiency. These vitamins to some extent promote growth

4) The unripe varieties of Banana are known to contain tannin and Gallic acid.Which assist in its laxative properties.

Besides this banana is well known for being high source of calories, you may have seen athletes and normally tennis players while there break time munching bananas for instant energy. Being richer in solids and lower in water- content than other fresh fruits bananas are famous for  good source of quick energy which is attributed  its high content of easily assailable sugars.Also it is well known that bananas are  one of the best sources of potassium, an essential mineral quite useful in maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.Bananas are also high sources of  niacin, vitamin C and pectin, a soluble fiber that’s believed to help lower LDL  cholesterol levels which are considered bad cholesterol.

When it comes to protein content the fresh pulp makes it an excellent means of increasing calorie value in diets makes without increasing protein intake.The carbohydrates found in banana are not only readily absorbed, but appear to be particularly well tolerated by the diabetic patients.

Banana also does significant contribution to the diet by the following minerals:–Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur, iron and copper.

Medicinal Benefits Banana

Ripe plantain is emollient, , and a nutrient, when unripe it is  cooling and acts as an astringent .In  the dried state it is antiscorbutic. Sometime the  ripe banana  fruit is laxative, when taken in the early mornings.  Banana appears to have the ability to stimulate the intestinal growth of the uric acid uric types and this helps to combat the development of colon forms. This helps in its use  as a regulator of gastro-intestinal functioning .

Banana also has been seen to increase the alkalinity of blood and thus helps correct acidosis due to acid diets. Also the good part is that it increases the production of red blood cells through its ability to stimulate the production of haemoglobin.

Other uses of banana include the use in case of diarrhoea. Flour made of green unripe bananas and s dried in the sun, can be used as flat bread rotis in cases of dyspepsia and acidity.

A mild porridge made of banana flour mixed with milk is a nice and easily digestible diet alternative  for those people suffering from cases of gastritis; combined with milk the banana produces an almost completely-balanced ration, providing both antiscorbutic (helpful in preventing scurvy) properties and other vitamins, and at the same time makes an excellent modifier for a milk by supplying necessary sugar.

In Mauritius, West Indies and South America, banana is dried in the sun, and is reduced to powder and this powder is given as a light nourishing food(see also Organic Food) to infants and invalids. Also it is beneficial to anaemic persons on account of the iron contained in it, and is a valuable food in chronic dysentery and  diarrhoea, mixed with half its weight of tamarinds and a little of common salt.

The Juice of the fruit is sometimes made into fermented liquor, which is given in atonic dyspepsia. When used for children, sugar or sugar-candy, instead of salt, may be used. Syrup of bananas is popular in America for producing a refreshing smoothies and many beverages  and as an effectual remedy in relieving bronchitis.

These are the wonderful benefits of the humble banana. So folks next time to chance upon a banana just acknowledge it for being a Great Fruit.