Health Benefits of Organic Fruit Juices

Who doesn’t know about the benefits of fruits & fruit juices? Telling people about the benefits of fruit juices is almost like teaching them alphabets again. Fruits & fruit juices have been an integral part of our diet & health since ages. They were there in our plates much before farming or cultivation was invented by man when they were solely dependent on wild fruits and the preys they could find. Much later, in the modern times, when agricultural developments have reached almost its peak, fruits are still there. They are just irreplaceable with anything else.

The reason behind this is the sheer health benefits these fruits & fruit juices bring to us. They are packed with fiber, energy, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and some proteins but are nil in fats. There is seldom a fruit that has fats in its pulp. And even if it does, that is all good fats. So, we humans understood very soon that fruits are the key to health.

But is it still so? Centuries came & went and those wild fruits evolved into present days deliciously tempting fruits; thanks to the agricultural researches, cross breeding and selection of the best better breeds that now we have the best. But with the advent of science in agriculture, horticulture too was subjected to almost indiscriminate use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, other industrial chemicals (used for ripening fruits etc.) and finally genetic mutations. No doubt the fruits grew better in size, appearance and harvest quantity, but they actually brought peril in form of slow poisoning. Prolonged consumption of these fruits containing residues of these chemicals resulted in severe chronic organic diseases, untimely ageing, genetic disorders, impotency, decrease in vitality, deterioration of overall health and even cancer, not to mention the original taste & antioxidants that were robbed off these near – to – artificial fruits. The old beloved fruits were no more beneficial to health. Rather, they were becoming fatal. So, what was the solution? Stop consuming fruits?

No! Certainly not! The solution is in Organic Fruits, the fruits that are raised on no artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives & other industrial chemicals and are not genetically modified. What’s more, these fruits are cultivated on such lands that are free from residues of these chemicals.

The juices obtained from these organic fruits are called Organic Fruit Juices. They are the best you can provide yourself and your family and they are high in fashion too. Even a few decades ago, they were not that much in the news. But now, when people are realizing their benefits, they caught pace and now they are a common site. Let us learn what makes them different from the conventional fruit juices. But before that, let’s see how they are graded;

Grades of Organic Fruit Juices:

All organic products, including organic fruit juices, have been allotted grades to help customers know what actually they are purchasing.

  • Hundred Percent Organic Fruit Juices: When the packets of fruit juices have this tag, it means that they are made entirely from Organic Fruits and every drop is organic.
  • Organic Fruit Juices: This means at least ninety five percent of the contents are organic and the rest are from fruits that are grown on allowable synthetic substances.
  • Contains Organic Fruit Juices: This indicates that seventy five percent to ninety five percent of the contents are organic and the rest are from fruits that are grown on allowable synthetic substances.


Certified Organic Fruit Juices:

Not all fruit juices that have “Pure Organic Fruit Juice” tags on them are really “Organic”. They must be certified for authenticity & grade (stated above) by a recognized certifying agency. There are different agencies, independent or Govt. owned, function in different parts of the world. However, we have managed to list some of the most heard names here.

  • USDA National Organic Program (NOP)
  • European Organic Regulations (EU 2092/91)
  • Export Certificates for Japan (JAS Equivalent)
  • Indian National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP).
  • Quebec Organic Reference Standard (CAAQ)
  • Bio Suisse Standards
  • IOFAM Basic Standards

Health Benefits of Organic Fruit Juices:

When talking of health benefits, we shall consider only hundred percent organic fruit juices here. Here is a whole list of health benefits;

  • Organic Fruit Juices are free from the toxic residues of artificial fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides that the conventionally grown fruits pick up during cultivation.
  • They are also free from the synthetic colours, flavouring agents, artificial sweeteners, stabilizers and preservatives that are added in non organic fruit juices during processing.
  • During the process of concentration & reconstitution of fruit juices, the residual chemicals in conventional fruit juices multiply manifold, for obvious reasons. But in case of Organic Fruit Juices, there is no such threat.
  • The micro – nutrients & phyto – nutrients present in Organic Fruit Juices, although reduced considerably, still remain in packaged Organic Fruit Juices after processing. Whereas, they are next to nil in packaged conventional fruit juices.
  • The quality of Organic Fruit Juices, in terms of nutrient content, flavour & taste, is far better than those non organic fruit juices.
  • Another important factor is the presence of antioxidants. The Organic Fruit Juices are far richer in antioxidants than ordinary fruit juices. These antioxidants can delay ageing and also protect us from certain types of cancer. On the contrary, the harmful residues of synthetic substances in ordinary fruit juices can even cause cancer in the long run.
  • In case of Organic Fruit Juices, care is taken to ensure the packaging material is also organic to possible extents. On the other hand, the conventional fruit juices are sometimes packed in such packages (metal cans, plastic containers etc.) which themselves prove to be a source of toxins. Metal cans are often sources of lead poisoning. Certain chemicals dissolve in the acidic juices from the plastic containers too, making the contents not fit for use.
  • Organic Fruit Juices are safest for babies, pregnant women, patients etc.
  • Organic Fruit Juices come from original fruits only, i.e. they are not genetically modified or tempered with. That way, what you get is hundred percent pure. The threat with genetically modified foods is that sometimes these modifications tend to alter the consumer’s genetic structure, thus paving way for possible genetic deformities in future.

Other Benefits of Organic Fruit Juices:

Organic Fruit Juices are not only beneficial for our health, but they are very beneficial for our environment too. Right from growing the fruits till packaging the organic fruit juices, the whole process remains environment friendly because, as stated above, no artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives & other industrial chemicals are used on them and they are not genetically modified too. This means, Organic Fruit Juices are no way obstructing the natural processes. They do not pollute environment like conventional crops do and they help keep the original genes of the fruits intact.

Our Role:

Our role here is to support Organic Fruit Juices for a good cause. They may cost a few bucks more than the ordinary ones, but that is worth when it comes to keeping your health & environment safe.