Healthy Skin care through Organic Foods

Everybody wants healthy skin. Have you ever given a thought about what your skin wants to remain healthy? Your skin wants organic foods to remain healthy, glowing and young. Organic foods are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B3. Apart from certain fatty acids, protein and water.  Let us first see what benefits these nutrients have for your skin care.

  • Vitamin A: It prevents piling up of surface skin cells & keeps them in proper order, so that your skin does not look scaly and thick. So, it is a must for smooth skin.
  • Vitamin E: It provides your skin with the antioxidants it needs and saves it from untimely ageing & makes it look young and vibrant.
  • Vitamin C: Apart from protecting your skin from infections, Vitamin C can actually brighten or lighten your skin tone, making you fairer. Moreover, it is an effective antioxidant too.
  • Vitamin B3: It does not let the level of enzymes NADH and NADPH fall with age, thereby protecting it from being penetrated by infectious foreign elements like pollutants and irritants. It also helps to retain moisture in skin. It also protects against acne, reduces wrinkles & helps maintain skin elasticity.
  • Fatty Acids: Simply put, fats are essential for your skin as a major portion of our skin is made up of fats. This fat keeps it soft, non cracking, supple and smooth. It also helps retain moisture.
  • Water: I don’t think I need to explain what water does to our skin.

After you have read this much, two questions must have arisen in your mind? The first is, “In which organic foods do we get these nutrients?” and the second one is “Why only organic foods and why not conventional ones?”

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