5 quick meditation technique tips for mental health you should know

We know that proper food and nutrition is the perfect medicine for your body. But what about our mental health? In the current scenario of the corporate rat race and our jet flying lifestyle, we might be losing the proper nutrition for our subtle bodies like the Mind, Intelligence and the Soul. As in a case of our gross visible body, we have to give it the constant doses of vitamins supplements, health food, and exercise, similarly, our conscious identity requires ‘Nutrition’, supplements and exercise.
So what are these Healthy supplements for our Mind and the Soul? It is undoubted ‘Meditation’ and ‘Music’. Meditation, music and free talks help us in nourishing our mind and satisfying the soul.Indeed modern science has reconciled with the fact that Meditation or any holistic worship and prayer are very conducive to heal any mental ailments.Especially when stress and depression caves in your mind our overall mental balance is disturbed and this, in turn, effects our physical well-being.

When talking about Meditation

Meditation Techniques

there are many types of techniques that have been mastered in Eastern Religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.The underlining concept in all these religions is controlling the mind for dovetailing it all to the right kind of thoughts and mental peace.Such peace acts as a life-giving elixir to your persona and your overall wellness.

One such

Eastern Meditation technique

that has been popular is being taught by an enlightened Buddhist teacher ‘Rama’ or Dr Frederick Lenz, who has a been teaching meditation for around 30 years and has guided many students in the science of meditation around the world.Explore more about this great spiritual teacher here in Rama Centre for Meditation.


5 quick Meditation Techniques To Reduce Your Stress Levels


  • Keep it short.

“Start with 10 minutes a day,” says Libshtein. And don’t worry about meditating “right.” When you’re clearing your mind, there’s no wrong way.

  • Let your brain buzz.

Yes, a busy brain is the meditator’s enemy. However, if meditating is difficult or new for you, trying to manually shut down your brain will be daunting. Let your brain wander, but focus on taking deep, shallow breaths as you do.

  • Try dynamic meditation.

“Shake the body, dance, jump,” suggests Libshtein, who says you can even release stress by shouting out loud. Not feeling like a dance party? Some find productive chores like folding laundry or mowing the grass meditative.

  • Consume consciously.

This unique form of meditation happens at mealtime. When eating and drinking, take the time to slow down and focus on the task at hand. Don’t walk or talk or watch television. Instead, concentrate on every bite or sip to stay in the moment and push past stress. (Bonus: conscious eating also makes it less likely for you to over-eat.)

  • Consider guided imagery.

Guided imagery, or guided imagination, utilizes your imagination to help walk you slowly into a state of deep calm. Typically, a calm, soothing prerecorded voice talks you through creative scenarios. Consider downloading an app and trying it out for 10-15 minutes a day.

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