Natural remedies for oily skin.

Oily skin is a menace when it comes to looking perfect on those days which are special for you. This type of skin gives you a over shiny look which robs the charm and attractiveness out of those who want the best skin tone for group pics, photographs and parties. Those who complain and are sick of trying out all those cosmetic gels and solutions that have been flooding the market here is a breather in form of low cost home remedies and herbs which you can get right out of your kitchen cabinet. We might have noticed that the skin is only the most when you wake up in the morning and it stays the same as heat progresses and the oil mixes with sweat and grease. So here are some quick home remedies that you can choose to undergo everyday and when you are out in some important event.

In the market we have a lot of products which can be used as a remedy for oily skin and many of them are used to remove the unwanted shine in the face; like example, , matte  foundation matte powder, face washes and oil cleansing astringents . However, these products can be highly risky in terms of toxins like industrial petrochemicals that they incorporate as base ingredients.

Eat less processed foods

It is a well known fact that those who take a lot of processed food with high level of sugars, they more or less complain about excess oil and grease on their skin. The more you eat plant based foods and fruits it will help in preventing facial acne as well as the grease.

Less meat and Alcoholic products:

When you incorporate products which have high alcohol levels , like lotions, these creams and other synthetic cosmetics are risky for oily skin, because they induce the dry skin to secrete more oils from its pores.

Natural Remedies:

We know that the oil secretion from our skin is a natural phenomenon, than the logical solution for oily skin would be to cure it in the same way which is naturally. Besides the fact that all these  natural solutions have a surety of being non-toxic (although allergic sometimes)and without any  side effects.

So here we go.


Corn flour is a natural agent which absorbs oil on the face without irritating the skin. Take 3 tablespoons of this starch and make a thick paste with water so that a thick paste is formed. Do a facial mask of this paste on the parts of your face and neck and leave this for a minimum of 25mins. Then you can wash and rinse your face with cold water and dab it dry, if this mix is regularly used for a two times a day you could get some results  within weeks.

 Egg White:

Another good oil cutting agent found naturally is egg yolk. They are known unique property of removing excess grease and oil from the pores. Apply this finely beaten egg yolk for 15 minutes and when its dry wash your face dry and dab it with cloth.

Aloe Vera:

Who doesn’t know the amazing qualities of Aloe Vera . This plant has got hundreds of health benefits for our skin as well as other parts of the body. And it is known to be extremely good for the all skin types. It helps in moisturizing at the same time removing excess oil and attaining a clear complexion. Apply the Gel twice a day washing it off after 10 minutes.

Lemon & Cucumber

All those natural fruits which contain citrus acid have the ability to freshen up the skin. Also, they help in cleaning the skin pores and eliminating the dead cells. By taking an equal amount of lemon juice and cucumber paste and mixing them together, you can get a healthy paste which will absorb all the oil from the skin, once applied. If you apply this mixture every time before taking shower, you will see the fruitful results soon.