Spice up your health with Ginger.


Nutritional Facts

Spice up your health with Ginger.

Ginger is widely used in every family either by means of an element for preparing tea or as a flavouring agent. The use of ginger is not only limited to the cooking area but also extends up to different ways of treatment like Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Natural treatments, etc. Since, ginger has a variety of usages; it is good to comprehend the health advantages and some vital information about ginger. Let us learn about them. The ginger plant can be determined by the yellow-green and light blossoms flower that develop on it and the large and long twisting roots protruding out known as rhizoid. Although this plant initially came from the far east, it is now grown in the world like India, Western Africa-America, Southern Region Western Japan and the Caribbean. Being a creeper by characteristics, it usually increases around exotic components where rainfall is plentiful and has a primary hot, dry period, which is suitable for its farming. Due to the use of around 3% natural vital fats in ginger it has a powerful spicy fragrance. The rhizoid of the ginger is not only edible but also marketed as seasoning for meals, tinctures, sprays and medications. The different varieties of ginger are readily available in most natural drug shops.  

Ginger’s natural health benefits

Ginger for the treatment of nausea – Ginger is a suitable solution to cure nausea as two of its ingredients ginger ale and ginger alcohol have sedative and pain eliminating qualities. Ginger’s anti-spasmodic or carminative residence can relieve you from gas and stomach ache, as well. ‘Jamaica Ginger’, the medical way of ginger is valuable for intestinal colic circumstances and dyspepsia. Consumption of ginger also allows people being affected by gallstones as it promotes the release of bile from the gallbladder. Even circumstances like the looseness of the bowels also handled with the help of ginger. gingerpicture

Ginger is great for your throat 

Ginger helps in the mucus secretion, which reduces feelings of scratchiness or a cough in the throat. This mucus also prevents holes or ulcers inside the lining of your stomach.

Ginger is anti-cancerous 

Be it ovarian cancer or colon cancer, ginger in powder form is extremely effective in reducing the growth of colorectal cancer cells and even in destroying the cancer cells in the ovary.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of ginger

The anti-fungal nature of ginger helps in reducing pain and discomfort from a toothache. In addition to this, ginger can also prevent and treat the common cold and flu; this happens for its antitoxic and antiviral properties.

Other miscellaneous functions of ginger

Ginger assists in healing sea sickness, motion sickness and morning sickness, especially in case of pregnant women. Even side effects of chemotherapy can be also treated with ginger. Gingerols and shogaol are two constituents present in ginger that helps in treating nausea, controlling vomiting tendencies and monitoring the functioning of the gastrointestinal tracts. Antihistamine present in ginger assists in treating allergies. Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other muscular problems. The root of the ginger plant is the most efficient dosage in treating inflammations, which is even better than medicine at times. Ginger tea is a natural remedy for heartburn. The special enzymes present in ginger prevent cramps and helps in digestion, which is the reason the Greeks used to have ginger after enjoying a huge meal. Ginger aids in reducing levels of cholesterol and development of blood clots in your body. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels and heart problems, as well. Ginger equipped with the capability of preventing prostaglandins, which helps in the reduction of pain and swelling in blood vessels, caused due to a migraine. Ginger in the form of tea, mixed with brown sugar acts well on menstrual cramps. Ginger is capable of reducing diabetic nephropathy or in easy words, kidney damage. Fresh ginger juice or oil is the perfect remedy for minor burns and skin irritations. Now you know that ginger is an ancient ingredient, which has been successfully used in various Ayurvedic medicines to treat various health issues. Moreover, it is an important culinary component, which used in Making gingerbread, ginger cake, ginger tea, ginger biscuits, cookies, and beer, spice and ale. In all these forms and the raw form, ginger is available in any market and even in organic food online stores. So, add ginger to your everyday food to benefit from the many benefits of it.    

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