Tamanu Oil Health Benefits

Tamanu oil health benefits includes benefits primarily for skin acne scars , arthritis, joint pains etc.It is also a very potent anti-aging agent.

The much funny name of Tamanu is derived from the fruit of Calophyllum inphyllum tree which is found in many of the coastal areas of east Africa and Indian ocean as well as in the tropical countries of Asia and Australia.It is also found especially in the islands of Pacific ocean and countries like Mauritius.
This tree bears fruit which typically tastes like apples but they are basically from the family species of mangosteen trees.
Although discovered decades ago by french scientists but the popularity of this fruit has gained popularity due to its wonderful and healing effects on the skin. This oil which is extracted from in the seeds (about 60%) is referred sometimes as ‘Domba’ essential oil in Mediterranean and European countries.

Overall Health Benefits of Tamanu Oil

The use of this oil has been proved useful in reducing pain associated with rheumatism and other skin related diseases like itch and scabies. Studies have shown this oil is useful in cases of indolent ulcers and is quite similar to myrrh essential oil.

This oil is also useful in treating the cases of gonorrhea and gleet .The natives of South American countries use this oil for treating rheumatism and in some cases of gout.
As a pain reliever it has been used by the natives in Fiji for joint pain , arthritis as well as for cuts and wounds.In cases of coral reef sores caused due to the friction in the thighs and the limbs especially in children Tamanu oil has been found beneficial.

Tamanu oil Benefits for the Skin

As mentioned above the benefits of Tamanu oil pertains to the skin than any other part of the body.Here are some of the benefits of Tamanu oil in terms of beauty and cosmetics.

  • Tamanu oil has shown very good results in treating acne and pimples.Scientific studies done by International Journal for Cosmetic science have shown that this oil helps in reducing acne and scars over a period of 6-9 weeks when applied without any kind of moisturizer and acne cream.
  • After the acne have done their damage they leave heavy scars which can be very ugly at times. Tamanu oil can be used to reduce these scars drastically and sufficiently reduce the redness of the skin.

Anti – Aging treatment with Tamanu oil

People nowadays are jaded by the thought of getting aged day by day and they especially woman don’t mind spending a fortune on anti aging solutions but the wonderful effects of Tamanu oil on anti aging is still to be popularized.But fortunately constant research has shown that Tamanu oil is just as effective as any other commercial creams available in the market today. Testimony to this fact is the many reviews people give swearing about the wonderful anti-aging effects Tamanu oil has on their skin.So better give it a try.

Step 1: Find a source for buying Tamanu oil which is natural and organic.This could be from your local health food stores or by buying online from Amazon or Volcanic earths. The only thing that you have to make sure is that it should be 100% pure without any blending from other essential oils to get the best effects.

Step 2: Use it during the daytime by mixing it with a preferably a natural moisturizer like Aloe Vera gel and use this mix with few drops of Tamanu oil.Aloe Vera is also known as a potent anti-aging and skin exfoliater substance for the skin.Use this to moisturize the skin during morning. This will help to reduce the wrinkles and marks on your skin.

Step 3: Use this oil as part of your night time facial by cleansing in the same way with aloe vera gel and massaging in a circular motion with Tamanu oil on your face. By this routine you can achieve best results of a firm skin without any wrinkles.

Step 4: Tamanu oil is also known for diminishing age spots from your face and the hands. The solution of Aloe Vera gel and Tamanu oil can be used as a anti-aging lotion for the face as well as the hands to drastically reduce any signs of aging.
So folks don’t forget to try out Tamanu oil this time.

How to use Tamanu Oil:

Before using Tamanu oil cleanse your skin with fresh , Aloe vera gel , apply some drops of Tamanu Oil with the hands and massage it over the skin in round or Q formation. The specialty of the oil is that it is absorbed by the skin rapidly and is not all greasy on the surface. Use it regularly for 3-4 weeks to get relief from acne. You have to prolong the usage of the oil in cases of scars and stretch marks until you see marked reduction in them.

This Article is written by Vipin Ramakrishnan

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and they should not be misconstrued or intended as diagnoses, cures, treatments, preventatives or professional advice regarding their use for any skin disease or problem. Consult professionals for medical advice. People with allergies to nuts of any kind should not use Tamanu Oil. Topical use only. Do not take internally.


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