The 3 dangerous supermarket foods!

There is a lot of discussion going around on the benefits of organic foods.But in current scenario we   are in such a critical juncture that we cannot avoid Pesticides, chemical additives, genetically      modified foods from getting into our regular food.This has prompted people to get highly aware of the hazards of supermarket foods that will  eventually cause a high health risk to people in general.

This brings us to the point of discussion about the most dangerous supermarket foods that can harm our health badly. The only option remaining to strictly stick to organically certified(ie 100% USDA certification) food.Although we cannot deny the fact that local market of fruits and vegetables are pesticides free. In some cases like apples and bananas can be peeled off but fruits like blueberries are heavily sprayed with chemicals. The residues of which cannot be escaped from.

So here I am again to highlight over some dangerous Supermarket processed foods that can put your health in a jeopardy.

Genetically Modified Foods

This may sound a cliché but GMO should be a strict NO. We cannot make any mistakes here as there is ample evidence of research that shows that these foods are absolutely dangerous for our existence. Also given the fact that many of GM food varieties have percolated into out food systems we can seldom save ourselves from their woes if we are not highly alert. GM corn , GM Soy , GM Eggplant and canola to name a few are 90- 95% GM unless we are consuming 100 % certified organic vegetables. Also the below listed foods are also commonly GM by now.

  • Cottonseed
  • Alfalfa
  • Zucchini
  • Crookneck squash
  • Hawaiian papaya

You can also look for ShopNoGMO shopping guide in the internet and IPhone applications. These products will typically display the Non-GMO Project Verified seal which will help us to confirm their Non GMO produce.

We have to understand the fact that unless we consume natural or organic food which has been locally produced organically and has been cooked by us and consumed without any additives there are chances that you are consuming GM foods every day.  This will result in increased diseases, birth defects, hormonal imbalance as the side effects. So choice is yours GMO or No-GMO.

Artificial Sweeteners

I have already discussed in my previous articles(see also Artificial Sweetners) that sugar and fructose, are major cause of obesity and diseases in many people. Needless to say when replaced by  artificially sweetened foods and drinks they cause even more havoc. It is my request to say No to all these artificial sweeteners as they are potential killers. Lets discuss how   .

Artificial sweeteners, is mostly prevalent in processed foods. Aspartame, which can be found in more than 6,000 food products is a good example.

Continues research over years have shown that  ”diet” foods, beverages and processed drugs ruin the bodies metabolism in due course of your life. They have been linked with  boosting your body weight and other health effects. This series of negative health effects, include diabetes, intestinal damage, neurological problems, child delivery issues  and cancer as just a few of more serious implications. Acesulfame potassium (or Acesulfame-K) is one another artificial sweetener, which studies show has been linked with kidney tumours.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

When we talk about exceedingly harmful food additives for health then you are bound to find fructose rating high in the processed foods such as, soda, and other sweetened drinks, thisfructose is well known as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

There is strong evidence building up against the fact that excess sugar, and fructose primarily contribute in causing obesity and chronic as well as lethal diseases.

Besides this fructose is now used extensively in all processed foods whether it is containing an artificial sweetener or not. Moreover a hard owned fact is that the fructose (HFCS)  tops as the unbeaten source of calories in the US is in form of soda!

But there is a twist to the story that if you keep the total fructose consumption below 25g/  per day then it is considered safe. But ironically most of the urban population devours  up more than this amount in form desserts and other junk food.

So the cumulative result is that an average person consumes around 5 aounces or 150 grams of sugar everyday a major portion of which is fructose. This is a disastrous intake which will trigger biochemical hazard in our overall health and sufficient enough to bring about dozens of diseases and premature death.

To protect ourselves from this potent killers all we have to do is say no to all such processed food. Always have certified organic vegetables and fruits. Also use fruits which are grown in that particular season as off season fruits are mostly artificially coloured and flavoured using chemicals. Finally supplement your diet with antioxidants and nutrients( see also Essential Nutrients) rich in vitamins A, C, and E and also minerals such as zinc and selenium are helpful in flushing out body of the harmful pesticide residues from your food.

picture: “Fredmeyer edit 1” by Original: lyzadangerDerivative work: Diliff Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.