Top foods which are toxic for dogs.

this is my comprehensive list of can my dogs eat ……

Although this list is not inexhaustible, it does contain some of the common foods that we eat and which is harmful to your canine
friends. Besides that the foods that you are doubtful and are not intended for dogs should be discussed with your pet nutritionist or veterinarian for better clarity. You could also visit the source for this information in the sites like American Animal Hospital Association’s website here Healthy Pet

So here we go with the comprehensive list of which foods can my dog eat and which foods are toxic.


Can dogs eat bananas?

Yes, dogs can eat bananas as a treat for their diets. They are not toxic.
But be careful, the enjoyment of bananas too much can lead to constipation.


Can dogs eat apples?

Can dogs eat apple?

YES, Dogs can eat apples in low quantities and in several preparations.
It is a healthy nutritional supplement which contains vitamin K+C, calcium and pectin.


Can dogs eat grapes?

Can dogs eat grapes?

NO, Grapes are highly toxic for dogs. As somewhere between a few ounces to a few pounds of grapes can cause symptoms of include
abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness in dogs.
It can further cause liver or kidney failure.


Can dogs eat watermelon?

Can dogs eat Watermelon?

Yes, in small rations. Watermelon is supportive for your dogs immun system.
Watermelon contains vitamin A+C, beta-carotene, magnesium and potassium.
Please, remove seeds before giving to eat your dog. It is not sure , if your dog get stomach pain.

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