World of Beans and their Benefits.

When you think about dieting or consuming healthy food, stuffs like whole wheat, whole bread, salads, fruits and vegetables come to your mind, right? Commonly no one thinks about the one of the best organic foods that encompasses protein, vitamins, minerals, and are low in fat and cholesterol, like beans. Yes, the most ordinary beans have got some extraordinary benefits. But before you start making beans a part of your diet, you need to be aware of the various types of beans and their respective benefits. The plant family of peas or beans is known as the Fabaceae family. Within this family, there are varieties of beans of which some are edible. Let’s discuss about them.

Different types of Beans and their Organic Food Health Benefits

Various types of beans that are produced in different countries are mostly available through the organic food online stores. You can also visit the organic food company directly if you want to purchase fresh beans. Beans are one of the best organic foods with many organic food health benefits. The popular ones are mentioned below:

Black Beans

These beans, which are also known as turtle or black turtle beans forms the basic diet of Caribbean and Latin American people. The black beans, when cooked, takes on a soft texture and with its delicious sugary flavor are capable of reducing cholesterol naturally. They are ideal for diabetic patients and can be used in preparations like soups, casseroles and pastas. Some varieties of the black beans are valentine, domino, black-hawk, etc.

Azuki Beans – Azuki beans are from the Eastern countries like China and Japan. These beans are also spelled as Aduki or Adzuki beans. It is red in color, small in size, has a sweet flavor with a rounded shape that is sharp on one side. Azuki beans are mostly used in making sweet bean pastes, moon cakes, red bean rice and baozi, etc. These beans are rich in iron, fiber, potassium, vitamin B3 and copper. Azuki beans contain less proportion of sodium and fat, which makes it ideal for maintaining blood pressure levels around normalcy.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are so called due to their shape that resembles the kidneys. These are light or dark red in color and are also called “Chili Beans”. They are good sources of calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, tryophan, phosphorous, folate, manganese and molybdenum. Being free from cholesterol, they help in maintaining a healthy diet. The kidney beans are found in cans in every store and can be found even in organic food online stores. They are delicious in taste and can be used in every cuisine, specially the Indian cuisine and lend great taste to salads and casseroles.

Broad Beans

Broad beans, also known by the names of pigeon beans, windsor beans and horse beans are few of the vegetables cultivated since ancient times. They are also known as fava beans, as they are capable of causing Favism, which is a deficiency of an enzyme secretion that happens due to excessive intake of fava beans. These beans acquire a creamy and smooth texture after they are cooked and are delicious.

Lima Beans

Lima beans have color similar to lime and are flat shaped. These are also known by the names Palalr beans, Madagascar beans, Haba beans, sugar beans and butter beans, because of their creamy and buttery taste and soft texture. These beans can be cooked and consumed alone with some fresh herbs. The Lima beans help in prevention of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, weight gain, stress, fatigue, etc.

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans or more popularly known chickpeas or Indian peas or ceci peas and are one of the oldest beans cultivated in Middle East and consumed throughout the world. These are very high in protein and have a taste that varies between walnuts and chestnuts. These firm textured beans are used in various preparations like falafel, hummus and various sorts of curries.

Pinto Beans

These beige and pink colored beans are good source of nutrients like iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, thiamin, protein, manganese, phosphorus, folate, tryophan, fiber and molybdenum. With the presence of these nutrients, the pinto beans help stabilizing your blood pressure levels, lowering cholesterol levels, sugar levels, detoxifying the body, maintaining proper blood circulation in the body and reducing chances of having heart disease. This also helps you gain some energy and fight against fatigue. The Pinto beans goes best with salads and rice.

Haricot Beans

The oval shaped, white colored, small Haricot beans are also called pea beans, navy beans and white beans. They are called “navy beans” as they are widely used close to the sea in the 19th century. They are necessary for making various recipes of baked beans and have to be soaked before these can be cooked.

Hyacinth Beans

Widely grown in tropical zones like India, Africa and Indonesia, the Hyacinth beans actually resemble a vine that has dark purple colored pods. In case of the hyacinth beans the flowers, even the leaves are all edible.

Some other beans that can be found in the markets are soybeans, green beans, Tepary beans, rice beans, velvet beans, winged beans, sword beans and snake beans. Thus, the entire trivia about beans are now at your fingertips to guide you to a healthy diet.