Yoga Poses and Foods for Belly Fat


Here is a perfect regimen for cutting that awful fat around your waist and belly. These foods should be taken as per the guided schedule to get maximum benefit.


Take any of these drink first thing in the morning.
1) Apple Vinegar and honey mixed in water.
2) Honey , and Cinnamon mixed with hot water.


1) Ginger , Turmeric Detox Tea
2 inch knob of ginger or substitute 2 tsp ginger crystals.
2-3 inch piece of turmeric root or substitute 2 tsp turmeric grain.
-2 dashes of Red Chillis(or you could juice 1/2 a habanero or jalapeno
4 lemons (3 for juicing and 1 for cutting as a garnish).
3 drops of jaggery.
2 quarts water.
2) Green Tea
Use Green leaves of Tea plant to make tea without adding sugar.Add
jaggery or stevia.


2 large Bitter Orange Juice.
1 cup Tea made with Pepper and cloves.


1) Triphala Churna added with Guggul in warm water should be taken.
2) On Alternate days take 2 tbsp of Castor oil before going to bed.


Yoga poses have a different principle than regular workouts. They don’t expend much of your energy but they will surely burn your fat. The logic is simple , according to Yoga there are many life airs or energies that are flowing through the body which when you walk , talk , sit , excrete and all is lost into the atmosphere. But when you do Yoga it stops the flow of energy outside our body and turns it inwards. This inward flow of Energy opens up many channels and makes many organs in our body to work efficiently to burn and metabolize fat.
Here are some Asanas which will burn fat and open your channels of energy to make you healthy and happy.
Remember these asanas should be performed in empty stomach preferably in the morning or eating nothing prior to 3 hrs before you do the Asanas during the day. Try to do a Yoga workout for more than one hour.

Here are some Yoga Postures for burning the Belly Fat.

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